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Founded in 1964, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is dedicated to producing and delivering the highest quality resources in education, policy, clinical research, and clinical practice in order to improve the health of patients with cancer.

Anyone involved in cancer research and practice can now get all 5 journals of the American Society of Clinical Oncology—the largest and most influential organization of cancer specialists in the United States—as a single journal bundle (journals are not available individually).

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Journals include:

Journal of Clinical Oncology® (Impact Factor: 32.956*) - ASCO’s flagship journal is widely regarded as the most credible source for high-quality content and significant research in clinical oncology. It is essential reading for professionals from all oncology disciplines and subspecialties—medical, surgical, pediatric, gynecology, urology, therapeutic radiology, and hematology.

JCO® Oncology Practice (Impact Factor: 3.551*) - Focuses on the mechanics of practice and keeps readers current on developments, breakthroughs, and challenges in high-quality care delivery. A wide variety of perspectives are included—socioeconomics, clinical trials, health policy, ethics, health services, improvement, and more.

JCO® Global Oncology- This open-access journal focuses on cancer care, research, and care delivery issues unique to countries and settings with constrained healthcare resources.

JCO® Clinical Cancer Informatics- Reports on biomedical informatics methods, studies, and processes applied to cancer-related data, information, and images.

JCO® Precision Oncology- Innovative and timely original research, reports, opinions, and reviews on the science and practice of precision oncology and genomics-driven personalized therapies.

Key Features

  • The most credible and highly regarded set of publications on clinical oncology research and care
  • An expansive readership of students, educators, researchers, clinical practitioners, and other professionals involved in any cancer field
  • Topics include clinical best practices, patient care, care innovations, research in global contexts, and data and informatics
  • Ongoing coverage of COVID-19 patient care and management
  • Searchable simultaneously with just a single search query— searchable with other Ovid content, too
  • Precise, natural language searching for quick information discovery
  • Time-saving workflow tools such as inline abstracts, search results sorting and annotations, and more

Why JCO® Digital Library?

  • Add the most well-regarded journals in clinical oncology to your digital library
  • Instantly fill gaps in your electronic content collection in oncology
  • Ensure easy access to the latest clinical discoveries
  • Support the needs of oncologists, researchers, nurses, faculty, students, and anyone working in cancer care and research
  • Build the visibility and value of your library

* 2019 Clarivate Journal Citation Reports (as of June 2020)

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